Crypto Birds IDO on SuperLauncher! (15th Dec, 2PM UTC) — Announcement

Crypto Birds Token XCB IDO

IDO Details:

🏨 CryptoBirds IDO (Ticker: XCB)

How to participate in the IDO of Crypto Birds’ XCB

The IDO is a fair launch hosted by SuperLauncher, an investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of blockchain.

What is Crypto Birds?

Crypto Birds is a collaborate-to-earn platform which analyses more than 7 thousand blockchain projects to determine through, an algorithmic ranking, which cryptocurrencies and tokens are the most reliable and have the greatest projection.

Why you should invest in Crypto Birds XCB token IDO?

The XCB token launch will be “Fair-Launch” and low-cap, with a small number of tokens reserved for the start-up team and three-year vesting.

About Crypto Birds

Crypto Birds has received grants from the Spanish Government, works with reputed academic and business institutions and has a highly technical team with a quality roadmap and strong token utility.



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Crypto Birds Platform

Crypto Birds Platform


Blockchain project analysis platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that rewards its users through the Collaborate-to-Earn model.