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The crypto ecosystem is expanding. Every day new cryptocurrencies and tokens are put on the market, some are really great blockchain projects that can bring a lot of value in the future, others, however, are projects of dubious origin that often end up losing money to those who trusted in their promises.

How can the professional or retail investor easily identify, among thousands of projects, which ones can have a real medium to long-term projection?

To help solve this problem we developed the Crypto Birds Platform.

Crypto Birds is a collaborative platform for the analysis of blockchain projects
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What is Crypto Birds?

Crypto Birds is a collaborative platform for the analysis of blockchain projects. It monitors and analyses various data streams to determine the cryptocurrencies and tokens with the greatest medium and long-term projection through an algorithmic ranking.

The results of this analysis are presented in the form of what we call TOPs, so that investors, even if they are not cryptocurrency experts, can quickly and easily determine which projects have outstanding social, development and market activity and thus allow them to make better decisions on how to manage their portfolios.

In addition, by collaborating with the platform by participating in various contests and competitions, they can win XCB tokens at the same time as they contribute to the algorithm’s rating.

How does it work?

Crypto Birds has developed a powerful algorithm called BirdBrain, which analyses statistics, market data, volume, marketcap, social networks and development progress of thousands of blockchain projects every week to create an index on which the platform compiles the best cryptocurrencies and tokens.

New projects are added each week for analysis!

Crypto Birds also boosts its BirdBrian algorithm by analysing user’s participation in the platform’s contest section, where they can compete for XCB tokens by creating virtual portfolios and increase the performance of the DeFi functions provided by the platform.

In this way, Crypto Birds manages to incentivise an economy based on real usage of its XCB token, reward holders, provide value to the ecosystem and drive adoption while providing unique and valuable data to improve the analytics of its algorithm.

The XCB token

XCB is a deflationary BEP-20 utility token used by Crypto Birds users to collaborate, stack and create pools of liquidity in exchange for rewards within the platform.

The XCB token will also be required to access platform data via API, obtain detailed and personalised information, and participate in various Premium activities.

The platform

The Crypto Birds Platform has been developed from scratch, it is not a clone or a fork of any previous project.

Crypto Birds Platform TOPs 10

The platform was launched in its initial phase in November 2020, although at the time without integration with the BSC blockchain, and since then its user base has been growing non-stop.

We decided to launch Crypto Birds in BETA in order to have the opportunity to design the product around our users, gather valuable feedback from our community and to build a stable infrastructure.

Our developers are currently focused on the application of Machine Learning models to our BirdBrain algorithm (for which we obtained an R&D grant from the Spanish government), integration with the BSC blockchain, DeFi and web3 solutions.

The community

As a Spanish company, Crypto Birds has a strong presence within the crypto community in Spanish-speaking countries, however, since its launch, the platform has expanded rapidly into markets worldwide.

To keep up-to-date with the project’s progress, find us on our:


Twitter: @cryptobirds

Telegram: @CryptoBirdsGroup

Instagram: @cryptobirdsplatform



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Crypto Birds Platform

Crypto Birds Platform

Blockchain project analysis platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that rewards its users through the Collaborate-to-Earn model.